Overall Training Objectives

The overall training objective of "The Future of U.S. Pediatric Dental Practice: Five Experts' Opinions," is to stimulate trainees' consideration of how existing population, science, and care delivery dynamics might play out in the future in ways that affect trainees' care of underserved children in the future.

To accomplish this objective,

  • We start with a close look at our child population and extrapolate trends forward to consider who America’s children will be in the future, looking especially at trends that impact social risk factors for poor oral health. 
  • We then turn to cariology science to consider whether caries management will increasingly focus on medical rather than surgical care, address risk factors, and individualize care.
  • Next we consider who may likely provide dental care to children by examining the pediatric oral health workforce from the perspective of larger healthcare system workforce changes.
  • Recognizing that our world is constantly changing through informatics technology and "big data," we then consider how these may play into the future of pediatric dentistry.
  • Finally, we look at dental care financing to think about how pediatric dentists will be paid and incentivized in the future.

Learning Objectives

By participating in this training, participants will be able to:

1. Identify demographic trends, particularly of underserved children, in the US to determine who their future patients will be

Listen to Jan Silverman speak to this objective >>

2. Recognize how caries management is changing from surgical to medical approaches and how disease management can be leveraged to reduce oral health disparities

Listen to Margherita Fontana speak to this objective >>

3. Consider alternative dental workforce solutions that may enhance our specialty’s capacity to improve the oral health of underserved children

Listen to Tracy Lustig speak to this objective >>

4. Discuss the evolving use of informatics technology and big data for accountable, value-based, equitable care delivery

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5. Characterize dental care financing—both public insurance (Medicaid/CHIP) and commercial insurance

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